The Netherlands Leads Global Sustainability Rankings

This article highlights the prominence of sustainable investing through ESG scores on a global scale, spotlighting the insights from Morningstar’s Sustainability Atlas. The Netherlands emerges as a beacon of sustainability, maintaining its leadership position for the fourth consecutive year, driven by key companies like ASML Holding and their exceptional performance in corporate governance and labor capital. Additionally, the report sheds light on varied ESG practices worldwide, with Northern European countries demonstrating strong sustainability efforts, while China faces ESG challenges, emphasizing the need for collective improvements to address global sustainability goals.

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The world is embracing sustainable investing, focusing on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) scores to make a positive impact. Morningstar’s Sustainability Atlas provides valuable insights into ESG practices on a global scale. In this article, we delve into the rankings and shed light on the exemplary sustainability efforts of the Netherlands.


The Global Landscape of Sustainable Investing

A Shift Towards Sustainability:

  • Sustainable investing gains mainstream traction, driven by the desire to make a positive difference.
  • ESG metrics prove to be a safe haven for investors, especially during market uncertainties like the COVID-19 pandemic and geopolitical events.

Morningstar Sustainability Atlas:

  • Morningstar assesses the sustainability profiles of 48 country-specific stock markets using ESG scores.
  • Company-level scores from Sustainalytics contribute to the overall assessment, providing a comprehensive view.

The Netherlands: A Beacon of Sustainability

Consistent Leadership:

  • The Netherlands tops the sustainability charts for the fourth consecutive year, showcasing a consistent commitment to sustainability.
  • Key companies like ASML Holding play a vital role, particularly excelling in corporate governance and labor capital.

Finland Follows Suit:

  • Finland secures the second position in sustainability, attributed to companies like Nokia and Sampo, which boast low ESG risk ratings.

Global Sustainability Landscape

Varied ESG Practices:

  • Northern European countries, including Denmark, Switzerland, and Germany, demonstrate strong ESG practices.
  • The United States showcases both sustainability leaders and laggards, depicting a varied landscape.

ESG Challenges in China:

  • China ranks 39th out of 48 countries, illustrating challenges in achieving high sustainability scores.
  • Major companies like Tencent and Alibaba face medium ESG risk ratings, indicating room for improvement.

Addressing Climate Change: CO2 Risk Assessment

Prioritizing Climate Resilience:

  • CO2 risk assessment is crucial in the face of climate change, safeguarding portfolios from the transition to a low-carbon economy.
  • Northern European markets like the Netherlands and Switzerland boast the lowest CO2 risk, emphasizing sustainability.


The Netherlands’ consistent ranking as the most sustainable equity market underscores its unwavering dedication to ESG practices. As the world rallies for a sustainable future, nations and companies need to collaborate, learn, and improve their sustainability efforts to collectively address global challenges.


Original Source: The Netherlands is Still The Most Sustainable Country by Morning Star 

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